Glass and plastic bottle manufacturers have begun to provide retailers and consumers with “disinformation” regarding stainless bottles. Below are the facts regarding stainless steel:
Pura Stainless bottles are covered by a limited lifetime warranty granted to the original bottle purchaser or owner. Our warranty covers the metal parts only and includes problems caused by a manufacturing defect or other failures that occur during normal use. We do not cover failures due to the bottle being dropped off El Capitan, sucked into a chipper or run over by a semi. Nor do we cover worn, scratched or chipped paint.

Our warranty does not cover scratches from normal use. All painted metal surfaces can and will scratch over time. We use a non-toxic paint that may not be put in the dishwasher or boil sterilized in a pot on the stove (electric steam sterilizers can be used). If the paint on your bottle fails or peels within a couple months of purchase, please contact customer service so that we can help.

Nipples, spouts, straws, sports tops, travel covers and sleeves are considered wear items and are not covered by our lifetime warranty. Silicone is by nature a soft material. For this reason, our medical-grade silicone nipples, spouts and straws will wear over time and can be damaged by a toddler’s sharp teeth. Their function can also be affected by normal wear, hard water deposits, heavy duty detergents, antibacterial soaps, etc.

Of course, new and unused silicone components that have a defect are always covered. If you receive a defective component, please submit your warranty claim within 2 weeks of receiving your order.

Any leak caused by a failure in the stainless steel (main vessel, metal collar/lid) is covered under our lifetime warranty. However, leaking caused by a worn or damaged silicone component is not covered under our warranty. As silicone components wear out they compress and do not continue to create a water tight seal. Simply replace worn and compressed silicone components when needed.

While all of our bottles are crafted from robust food grade #304 stainless steel (also called 18/8 stainless steel), they can dent in normal use (much like the door dings we all get in our cars). Dents such as these are not covered under our warranty.

When water freezes it expands with such force that it can easily bend metal… When a stainless steel bottle that is closed is put in the freezer or left in a place that will experience freezing temperatures the bottom of the bottle will pop out, protrude, or deform. Remember, this can happen if your bottle is left in your car in the winter and the temperature drops below 32°F. Deformity caused by freezing voids the lifetime warranty.

Please check our FAQ section on infant bottles for specific instructions on freezing our standard bottles to store milk or baby food, or click here: https://www.kleinegiraf.nl/nl/p/faq

Our vacuum insulated bottles should never be put in the freezer or left in freezing conditions.

To make a warranty claim please send an e-mail to info@kleinegiraf.com and include a description of the problem, how it occurred and pictures of the issue. Our warranty department will respond within 2 business days.

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